About Us

Chef Steve…

Chef Steve graduated from the Culinary Arts program from Muskingum Area Technical College, now known as Zane State College. I am certified in Dietary Management. I am also Serve Safe Certified and Certified Food Protection Professional. I have been in food service for the past 27 years. My experience includes restaurant, dietary management, correctional food service, and most recently my own catering business. Catering has by far been the most rewarding.

Chef Steve obtained his Culinary Arts Degree and Serve Safe certification in 2000, his Dietary Manager’s Degree in 2004, and his Serve Safe certification again in 2019 when he opened his full service catering business. Taste, presentation, and customer service have been top priorities in Chef Steve’s food service for over 20 years.

Chef Steve specializes in delivering a high quality catering experience customized to your unique tastes. Apart from full service catering, Chef Steve also offers home cooked family style meals for the 21st century on-the-go family, ready for the oven or hot and ready.

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